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Should I install cat-5/5e cable or a wireless solution in my home/Office?

There are pros and cons to both, here are a few tips to help you choose. Wireless provides freedom to roam throughout your  office, but your speeds are usually limited to 11-300 meg. If  you choose cat-5 or 5e, you will have greater speeds (100+ Mhz), but you will be required to be plugged into an Ethernet connection at all times.

Is your Cable Modem/DSL secure?

A number of new comers to the Cable Modem/DSL market are falsely assuming that their Internet Service Providers are protecting them from harmful viruses and hackers. This is not the case and it is up to you to protect yourself. Learn More...
Does Lone Star Cable just provide cable solutions?

No, Lone Star Cable goes well beyond your typical cabling vendor. We offer total solutions for your office and home. Everything from consulting services to network design and configurations.
Does Lone Star Cable provide a warranty for cable installations?

Yes, we extend the manufacturers 15 year warranty to our customers on cables we´ve installed, to include free labor for repair/replacement. Of course this is based on failures not caused by abuse or neglect.
Is Lone Star Cable insured?

Yes, Lone Star Cable carries liability insurance to protect it´s customers from potential losses.


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