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Wireless solutions 

The latest in wireless solutions will allow you to connect all the p.c.´s in your building or even connect office´s across town.

Cat - 6 and Cat 6A

The latest and greatest copper medium for network speeds above 250mhz - 600 mhz.








Data Cabling

No matter how large or small your cabling needs are, make Lone Star Cable your next cabling provider. Lone Star Cable can perform adds, move´s / changes or re-certify an existing infrastructure. Lone Star Cable will send an account manager to your site to evaluate your needs. Your account manager will handle your project from start to finish. Once the needs have been identified, we will provide a written scope of work, including drawing and quotes. Our certified technicians will complete your project, provide you with a label map and cable certifications.

A Lone Star Cable representative will be on site, when you move in, to address any cabling concerns. Your project is completed accurately, on time and within budget.

Voice Cabling

Lone Star Cable offers a wide variety of voice services. Everything from voice grade cable to Installation and relocation of PBX and key systems. We offer new and used telephone switches to meet the demands of your business. Voice cable is normally installed using category 3 cable, which helps drive down the price. The price for voice runs are usually less because the installation does not require the same expensive supplies as category 5e/6 installations. It also does not have to meet certification standards, therefore it takes less time and labor to install.

However, keep in mind that emerging technologies, such as I.P. telephony (VOIP), will force the upgrade of voice wiring to category 5e or better. So, in an effort to reduce duplicating expenses, you may want to consider installing Category 6 from the beginning.

Fiber Optic Cable

Fiber Optic cable is revolutionizing how we move data from point a to point b. It accomplishes the exact same function as copper cables, but the speed at which it accomplishes it is incomparable. Fiber technology uses end equipment capable of transforming electrical signals into pulses of light. It´s transmitted through the fiber cable and converted back to electrical signals at the remote end. Over all it´s not a complicated process, but in order to work correctly, your cable must pass exacting test standards. Copper Cat-5e and Cat-6 cable maximum length is 295ft.This is where Lone Star Cable can help, we have the specialized tools and knowledge to make your fiber connections work right the first time.


Lone Star Cable can provide the answer for all of your video needs. From wiring your cubicles to updating your conference rooms. We can provide solutions which allow you to share multiple video signals on a single cable run. We can install PC VGA, HDMI or other video distribution systems for high end conference rooms.

Display video and audio that can be switched from around the table with a push of a button.

Wireless Network

Lone Star Cable offers a number of solutions for your wireless needs. Whether you want to connect PC´s in your office, warehouse or buildings in your city, we have a solution to meet your needs. Wireless networking allow you mobility within your office building. It allows you to connect those newly installed office before it´s cabled. It allows you to connect office buildings that are in line of sight without the reoccurring monthly Telco cost´s and associated down time. Not only are T1´s expensive (can average $1,500 per month), they are relatively slow. A T1 can provide you with 1.5 megabits of bandwidth, a wireless solution can soar up to 300 megabits with 802.11n and even higher with 802.11ac.


Category 5 cabling is currently the most widely used medium for data transmission within the cabling industry. It is used in offices and homes a like. It was originally developed for voice, but was rapidly adapted to computer networks. It´s typically used for twisted pair high speed networks (100BASE-TX) over 22 or 24 AWG.

category 5e standard
New cabling standards are continually being considered for  improvement. Advanced GUI applications are placing great demands on existing network cable speeds and it´s not even close to being over. The original category five standard has been in place for many years. The category 5 enhanced standard has only been released for a little over a year and category 6 is almost finalized as it´s replacement.

Category 5 enhanced operates at the same frequency (100MHZ) as CAT 5, with increases in certain channel performances.
category 5e specifications
Standard Transmission parameter Channel performance Improvement over Cat 5 standard

Highest frequency 

CAT 5 Enhanced

NEXT @ 100 MHz

30.1 dB

+ 3.0 dB

100 MHz


PSNEXT @ 100 MHz

27.1 dB



Attenuation @ 100 MHz

24.0 dB

+ 0.4 dB


ELFEXT @ 100 MHz

17.0 dB




14.4 dB

+ 2.0 dB


Return Loss @ 100 MHz

10.0 dB



Propagation Delay @ 10 MHz

555 ns

  Delay Skew 50 ns    


Moving into a new office or building, which has existing Data cabling?
Let Lone Star Cable put your mind at ease, by re-certifying the cabling infrastructure. It´s fast, inexpensive and best of all it allows for a problem free move in.

What´s involved?
All cables are tested to ensure proper performance. We then ensure all labeling is correct. 


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